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August 2010

Silver cup for the best "Public Service Vehicle"




Our Chairman with the silver cup for the best "Public Service Vehicle" a t Basingstoke Festival of Transport, May 9th 2010. Transport Manager Derek Dollery is standing on the platform. He looks very happy!

Sudden illness of our Chairman

I got a shock on the 13th March this year when I was rushed to Kingston Hospital with a suspected heart attack. Mary and my family were most concerned and so were the Trustees of this Society.

Something like this can happen at any time (2315 in my case) on any day of any month. I presume that I am a key member of ADORRS and questions were being asked as to who would run ADORRS if things did not go right. Fortunately the attack was very mild and I was back home within a week. Weakened by the attack and the stay in hospital, it took a good month to get into some sort of routine, but I had to think of safety, so driving the bus was out for the time being. I really took things easy so some restoration has had to take a back seat. I am gradually getting back to normal, driving occasionally now and some restoration. I think I am worth a few more productive years!

Thank you for your support! Ray Le Mesurier -Foster Chairman

Hard Decisions
The Trustees are having to look seriously at where we are going to find:-
  • Volunteer
  • Funds
To continue with the restoration program. The restoration of 488 took nearly 4 years, 462 has taken twelve years so far. The restoration of a Dennis 'E' will take two phases of 3 years and will be done commercially at Seb Marshall?s new workshop at Byfleet. With the Chairman approaching 75 and the Transport Manager not far from retiring age, what will be our next project? We do need active members to help out, people who don?t mind getting their hands dirty (and everything else!). It is not just money, although that helps as well, but if someone comes along and sweeps the floor, that saves us spending time to do it!

During the Autumn and Winter we are at Milland most weekends. Phone to check if someone will be at the barn if you can come. 02083984624

Annual General Meeting 2010
The Annual General Meeting was held at Medstead Depot on the 28th March. The Chairman attended the meeting despite it being only two weeks after his heart attack. The main items, to hear reports etc., went well. The Trustees were re-elected together with two new Trustees, David Ratcliffe and Richard Pretious. Brian Finch was made a vice-President of the Society.

Rich Rewards by Derek Dollery
All over the world, every day, thousands of people are suffering from one of the worst bugs you can have, when it's in the blood you can?t get rid of it, there is no cure, it's called

PRESERVATIONITIS - the yearning to restore something to its former glory. Ultimately its reviving memories in a more permanently visual way.

I guess it all started for me some fifty-five odd years ago when I started renovating my fleet of scratched and chipped Dinky toys, cars, vans, buses and coaches on a wet day in the fifties. Tins of enamel paint, wet and dry paper and brushes were sourced from the shed - dining room table taken over for a few days. Everyone had to eat off trays with the smell of paint wafting around! Well, most of the repainted fleet still survives today. In later years attention was given to doing up real motor bikes, cars, vans, minibuses and even buses and coaches. Sadly only a few of them survive today.

The big question is will what I help to preserve today with my fellow restorers, still be around in fifty years time? Who knows!

One has the choice in the world of preservation, you can restore a vehicle to its former glory and display it in a museum for all to see, or keep the vehicle on the road as a working vehicle, thus enjoying the sights and sounds and the experience of travelling around on it - I prefer the latter!
So, Joining ADORRS a few years ago, I was confronted with three Dennis Lolines and rumors of Dennis 'E's stashed somewhere else. One of the Dennis Lolines owned by the group was on the road but still requiring ongoing attention and two more waiting in the wings. When I first saw these my thoughts were "should I run now?" Well maybe I should of, my o my how life changed from that day!

Being part of a team of willing workers, I guess it means one can do whatever and walk away when you have had enough, yet to return another day.

Well, our group are lucky to have undercover facilities to restore vehicles, funding coming from the
generosity of members and merchandise we sell on our stall at the events we attend. The bus we are working on at present time is ex A&D 1962 Dennis Loline III 462 EOT with an Alexander body, maybe you rode on it many years ago?

Initially hours of chatter, order of work, how to do the job, whats missing, what needs replacing, who can do what, all these things have to be decided before you start restoration.

You start doing one job then find you have several more on the go after investigation, one gets filthy dirty at times, tools parts and bodies all over the place, but as time goes on, bit by bit it all starts to come together and you see light at the end of the tunnel, so if you have any time to spare come and join in and have some fun, there's no pay but the joy of one day seeing and travelling on a vehicle of yesteryear that you have helped to save is a very rich reward.

Derek Dollery, Transport Manager.

ADBIG Visit to The Barn
On the 25th September we are expecting four buses, 370, 503, 145 and the Falcon to visit the barn at Milland as part of the annual ADBIG Members Tour. This tour is especially significant as it is the last time that service 24 from Guildford (ex-Aldershot & District route) can operate via Hindhead before the Tunnel opens. ADBIG propose to operate the route as original as far as the Jolly Drover before peeling off to the Barn.

We have arranged to receive the buses at about 3 pm and they will depart about 4 pm. Tea and biscuits will be available. Significantly, the 50 - 60 guests will want to see progress on 462 and look at other buses at the barn. Hopefully the nice lady who runs the horses at the Farm will show a couple of Andalucian horses to our guests. If you have time please come along and help, or at least come and join in the fun.

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