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February 2011
Rising Fuel Prices!
£7 GallonYou see here the grim truth about rising fuel prices. Most preserved buses will run for about 10 miles on a gallon of diesel. As your Chairman I now have to consider whether operating particular journey's is worthwhile and is not going to create non-productive expense. I was asked last month whether we would like to attend the 100 year celebration of a Kent Bus Company. It would have been nice to support them, but a 70 mile journey would have cost £49 and coming back another £49, add on my petrol to Medstead and back plus another three cars and the cost runs at £150 at least. They are not going to pay us for the diesel ! Where we can take the stall we stand a chance of a bit of profit, a delicate balance for me.

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster

Annual General Meeting 2011
The AGM will be held on Sunday 27th March, at 2pm in the Hut at Medstead Depot. The meeting is fairly straight forward and we would welcome any suggestions from members. It would be very nice to welcome our members to the meeting. Referring to last year's AGM where the Chairman attended the meeting 2 weeks after a heart attack, well, we are pleased to report that Ray thinks this was the big non-event of 2010. Tests have shown no damage to the heart or the muscles so maybe it was just a bit of indigestion! He says that he is however taking it a bit steady just in case he was wrong!

Subscriptions Are Due
There has been a general consensus with the Trustees that the Membership Fee should remain at £10 for the foreseeable future. We get around £450 from renewals, donations and about £100 in Gift Aid, so roughly £550. It would be nice to increase this amount, so when you renew could you add a little donation to your cheque? The renewal form is enclosed with this newsletter.

Mary Le Mesurier-Foster, Membership Secretary.

The Dennis ‘E’ buses
After many years wondering how we would restore our Dennis E Buses and the cost involved, the Trustees have come up with a plan. (No, we are not the “A” team!)

The plan involves the restoration of the chassis of OT8902, the bus found at Walton-on-Thames. This chassis is in remarkable condition and with the engine we bought some time ago plus other parts, it can be made in to a “Running Chassis”, i.e. can be driven on the road. To bring this about we will be moving the chassis to Seb Marshall’s premises at Byfleet. To part-finance this the Trustees have authorized the release of funds that we have invested. Further finance will hopefully be obtained by way of grants. The second stage will be to remove the two Strachan & Brown bodies we have and link them together to form one complete body. This body will be unique as it will almost certainly be an original S & B and possibly the only one left in the world! We are hoping that our members will be able to help pay for this restoration.

Search the web, shop online and trade on eBay
Give this a go as we can get funds when you trade online - at no cost to you. Click “The Aldershot" when you search for our charity. So far we have had £35 from this source

ADBIG Visit to The Barn
We had a very successful visit from Members of ADBIG on the 25th September last year. The buses started their journey at Guildford and followed the old 24 bus route towards Petersfield. Travelling via Godalming and Milford they were soon viewing the construction of Hindhead tunnel. From Hindhead (whatever happened to the Huts Hotel?) they proceeded to Grayshott and then down the new southern section of the A3, coming off at Liphook. Down the old A3 through Rake then left at the Jolly Drover and the Barn. We waited patiently for the buses due at 1600, then 4 came along all at once! Very soon the scene was like a bus station with a total of 6 buses outside the barn and 60 odd visitors wandering around. Tea, coffee cake and biscuits were freely available and all seemed to enjoy the visit. Admired was the work that has been done on 462 EOT. (And is still ongoing!).

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