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November 2011
Dennis 'E' Restoration
Following an appeal to our members, the Trustees have approved the first part of the restoration of a Dennis E Bus. The engine from the Welsh Bus Chassis is on its way to Byfleet for a complete overhaul. One of the main expensive items we did not have was a radiator, expected cost around £5,000, but a phone call to our Chairman and a dash to Birmingham, resulted in a Dennis E radiator being donated to us. The outer casing and the two tanks are in remarkable condition but we will have to have the core replaced. The next stage will be to get the chassis of OT 8902, to Byfleet for restoration. We have made an initial application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund for a grant, but this is a delicate application that we need to get right. The final stage will be to get the two Strachan & Brown bodies to Byfleet where they will be reconstructed to form a complete and original bus body. With the restored chassis and the reconstituted body together we will have a bus!

Below are latest photos of the engine and radiator

Dennis 'E' engine

Dennis 'E' radiator

Membership Prices
Since the formation of the Society in 1996 the membership fee has always stood at £10 per year. At a special meeting of the Trustees to discus finances it was decided that we needed to raise the fee to £12 per year as from the next renewal, i.e. from the 1st March 2012. Our Treasurer will be contacting you all with revised standing order forms or renewal notification.

You may wonder why we have resorted to this action, so an explanation is in order. Our income into the Society has been dependant on several factors. The first one is the stall, aptly run by Sarah Hills and we have noticed that takings have dropped due mainly to the lack of money in peoples pockets. Our investment is second, and like us all, income has dropped due to the present financial situation in the UK. Thirdly, we have chassis and bits all around the Barn. These need tidying up, and we have part done this, to make additional bus space that we can rent. We are looking for at least two extra spaces. Fourth, we need to charge a realistic rent to owners and this will operate from the 1st January 2012. Lastly, the cost of diesel has increased to make running buses almost prohibitive and the Trustees have asked the Chairman to look into whether some of our outings are non-productive and should be stopped. We are also finding that the Government are not in a hurry to give us our Gift Aid, although we do get it eventually.

462 EOT Dennis Loline III
Restoration has been a long road to travel on for this unique double-deck bus. It was a „bit of a mess. when we got it in 1998. So far it has taken around 12 years to get it to the condition it is in now. Over this time we have made a complete staircase, replaced the nearside front wing, made a cab door , restored the illuminated sign complete with advert. Then we remade all the seats, painted the frames, scraped and cleaned the underside of the bus finishing with a nice bright coat of aluminum paint. All the mechanical parts were stripped and cleaned and even the road springs were sent away for refurbishment. All the windows were removed, the sliding parts being taken apart for new felt to be inserted. The windows are mostly done and replaced with new rubber surrounds. The upstairs ceiling has been scraped and repainted, the blue insert put in and the emergency window has been restored. The rear advert is now on as is the nearside “Henhams”. (We do know that “ROOTES” has been spelt wrong - it will be corrected!). The engine runs fine and we do start it on the batteries to keep it going. All the wheels have been cleaned and painted and new tyres fitted where need be. It is in fact a very long list of what has been done, with very little that needs doing - nevertheless time consuming. The floors need to have the vinyl flooring fitted, the seats need replacing and the whole of the lower deck has to be painted. The windows for the lower deck have to be replaced with new rubber surrounds. Some outside painting to be finished and the A&D Roundel. on the offside put on. The air system should be OK in a couple of weeks time and the electrics finished by the end of the year. The destination box was empty when we got the bus so a new „frame. had to be constructed from „bits. we had acquired. There should be no reason why 462 will not be at the 100 years event in May - maybe even before that!
Nearside wing of 462
Nearside wing of 462 now finished
Final painting
Final painting of the panels and awaiting the yellow band
Destination box
Destination box and front adverts
Back advert
This very nice advert was quite common on A&D buses

The DVLA Story - What a Farce!
Your Chairman, as you will know, had a heart attack in March last year. It was a very minor one that required no surgery. The DVLA issued him with a "letter" permitting him to drive "Large PCV vehicles, with passengers, even though his PCV Licence had expired at the end of March (and never renewed). Soon after leaving hospital, your Chairman was back driving and this continued until the end of the season.

In March this year the DVLA's overzealous medical advisor decided that she was going to "revoke? his PCV Licence (How one can revoke something that you haven't got we do not know) Your Chairman has been fighting to get his PCV License renewed but all that came back from the DVLA was "Refused in the interest of road safety" "unfit to drive large vehicles".

What the DVLA did not do was to send your Chairman a leaflet INF52 (You can look it up on the internet). This leaflet reads on the front "LARGE VEHICLES YOU CAN DRIVE USING YOUR CAR LICENCE". Description "A bus made more than 30 years before the date of use, not used for business and no more than eight passengers". So everything that was said by the DVLA was untrue as now using his car licence, he is perfectly fit to drive large buses and is completely safe on the road and they are unable to stop him. You might ask "what about the insurance?" The Insurance Company we use have said that your Chairman has been fully covered even after the heart attack. To cap it all, as your Chairman only had a car licence from the end of March 2010, he need not have informed the DVLA of the heart problem - their rules! At the end of the day, you will be seeing Ray driving again and enjoying the pleasure and ironically if you want to drive a large bus, you need NO training, no "L" plates, just a licence! That's the farce!

Special Event - 100 Years of Aldershot & District
100 years ago I was not around to see the birth of the bus industry. When we look at our ancestors we realize that they could well have been in on the birth. My mother was 2½ years old and in the depths of "Straights Settlements" in 1912. Grandfather was a tin miner and the family probably travelled on a Rickshaw to the nearest town - Penang I think. I arrived on the scene 24 years after Aldershot & District was formed and another 28 years before I was associated with the Bus Company. Since that day in 1964 I have been interested in buses and the last 15 years in the preservation world.

The Trustees of our Society are anxious that we get 462 EOT finished and would be delighted to have that bus and 488 KOT at the big event in Farnborough. The Running Day will be based at the Farnborough Airfield Bus Station on Sunday the 27th May 2012. We do know that there are no car park facilities at the Airfield Bus Station and visitors should park in Aldershot or Farnborough and travel on the special shuttle buses or the Aldershot & District service buses. The event is being organised by the Bus Interest Group in conjunction with Stagecoach who are supporting the show. ADORRS will have the stall in operation and there will be lots of other stalls present. If you are on the internet then have a look at the ADBIG Website on for more details. If you are able to help on the day then contact them through the website.

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster, Chairman

Buy OnLine and Earn for ADORRS
There are several members who are “buying online” and so far we have received just under £50 from the Charities Trust. It would be very nice if more of us did this as this would increase our revenue.

Buy online and trade on eBay and hundreds of other outlets
Go to and register!

Give this a go as we can get funds when you trade online - at no cost to you. Click “The Aldershot” when you search for our charity.

Thank you to all those members who donated to our Dennis E appeal. You can still help if you missed the last appeal, as now the project has started we will continue to need funds. We will be taking the stall to as many places as we can as this is a very useful income. If you would like to donate, send a cheques to Ray Le Mesurier, 22 Lower Green Road, Esher, KT10 8HD.
Make cheque payable to ADORRS.

Tilford Rally
Tilford Rally Tilford Rally
Two little girls had a surprise when they were asked to present a bouquet of flowers to Baroness Virginia Bottomley at the recent Bus Rally at Tilford.

The went off with their reward. In the background is Sarah Hills who runs the Stall and Mary Le Mesurier-Foster, membership Secretary.

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