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March 2012
Dennis 'E' Success
Dennis E EngineDennis E Engine

Dennis E Engine

Above you see the engine we are going to use for the restoration of the Dennis E. Thanks to donations from members we were able to send the engine to Sebastian Marshall at Byfleet where it was stripped down to basic parts. Above right you see the four pistons and below is the sump.
Also from those donations we have acquired four brand new oversize pistons for the engine. With the new pistons the engine can be fully restored and Sebastian has told us that it could be "up and running" in a couple of months time.

The Trustees realised some time ago that without a working engine the project would fail, so, with a working engine and the proper radiator it is all systems "GO!. It is easy to say this, but your Chairman has now to co-ordinate an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for around £20,000 for funding the restoration of the chassis alone.

At a later date we will need to apply for around £40,000 to restore the Strachan & Brown Body that will eventually fit onto the Chassis. In 1928 and around that date the chassis of vehicles were made separate and the body "clipped on with 6/8 clamps.

The other information we have is that the Dennis E Engine was very reliable and they were used on all vehicles up to 1937. We think that we will possibly have the best Dennis E Engine in the UK and those that drive will be looking forward to driving the bus soon!

The cost so far is £1740 and we anticipate another £2000 will be needed to get to the running engine stage. Later in this newsletter you will find ways you can help to fund this project!

Dennis E Engine Dennis E Engine

Two more photos of the Dennis engine parts. On the left is the crankcase and on the right is the main block with the valves. The large round object on the right of the picture is the clutch, unfortunately the wrong one, but we have another one! The trustees took a very wise decision when two old Dennis E engines became available and we bought them some time ago.

Progress with Dennis Loline 462 EOT
After some 14 years we have at last been able to see the end result of this rare Dennis Loline III.
The bus looks splendid with all-over advertising, just as it was in 1962 when the bus was new. To add to the fun you will realise that this bus is 50 years old this year! Below is the Chairman.s favourite advert, Abbott.s that was seen a lot in A&D times. Derek has started the painting of the lower deck ceiling, so we should be finished soon.
Dennis Loline 462 EOT
Dennis Loline 462 EOT
Dennis Loline 462 EOT

Do You Shop OnLine? Read on!
For the past year some of our members have been “Shopping Online” and we have received over £50 donated by the shops and businesses they have used. The best of this is that it has cost our members NOTHING. There are thousands of shops online, well known and famous and all you have to do is register. As we are a Charity when you shop we get a donation!
To Register go to: When asked, type our name as shown at the top of this page.

Air Operated Door
The doors on Loline III buses are operated by a complicated air system that allows the ram - shown here on the garden seat - to push the door shut or open. Pressurised air going into the left side pushes the door ram out and in the other end pushes it open. We had a problem in that the door leaked air and basically did nothing. After 50 years the seals had hardened and needed replacement. We took the ram to a firm called PIRTEK in Guildford and after 4 weeks they found some new seals. They replaced the 4 seals and the ram was tested and works perfectly! There is a picture of one of the seals below.

Air Ram Seal

Annual General Meeting
It.s that time of year again where the Society has to have a meeting where all the members are invited to come along and express their views of how the Society is being run. Early in 1996 I walked into Lloyds Bank in Farnham clutching a £1 coin. I needed to have a bank account just for the rescue of the Dennis E Buses. When I filled in a form to open the account in the name of the Society, there was one Chairman, one Secretary, one Treasurer and one member, Funnily enough, they all had the same name! So I paid in the now warm £1 coin and in about a week I got a paying in book and even a cheque book. Well, we rescued the buses from the woods and later rescued even more. Money was coming in and this has continued ever since. That is the story of how the Society began. I never did get the £1 back - call it a donation! By forming a Charity it is essential we have the AGM so as to keep the Society on the right tracks. The AGM is being held at Medstead Depot hut at 2pm on the 25th March. I shall be there!

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster, Chairman

A Centenary Bus Running Day

The next big event in the Aldershot & District Calendar is on the 27th May 2012. 100 Years ago (1912) the Bus Company was formed and soon expanded into a very popular and friendly bus company. ADORR Society will be playing its part by providing two buses (we hope!) for this important event.


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