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October 2012
What A Great Year!

462 Stands proudly in the Thursley lay-by

462 Stands proudly in the Thursley lay-by just off the A3 near Hindhead on its first outing under her own power. The test run was commenced by your Chairman and the return run by Derek Dollery. Now fully completed, the MOT test was passed a few days later, just in time for the 100 year celebration of A & D. On special display at the Running Day site in Farnborough, 100's of visitors admired this new entry to the A&D preservation list. Soon after the event your Chairman beat the DVLA and forced them to issue his PCV Liccnce after his cardiologist proclaimed that his heart was 110% perfect! So he is back driving with lots of passengers on board.

This month the Transport Trust granted us £750 to help us finish 462 EOT, so this is now in the Bank.

Thanks to the help of Dave Ratcliffe we also have had 488 KOT pass the MOT test, so now we have TWO buses on the road. The other bit of good news is that we should soon have an engine for the Dennis E project. (See separate article!) And more good news was the phone call to the Chairman to go to Birmingham and pick up a Dennis E Radiator which was in excellent condition, and a gift to the Society!

There has to a down-side to all this good news - well yes, your Chairman's tomato and strawberry crop was a disaster, and we got "flooded off" quite a few shows this year. Lets hope that 2013 will be a good year with the weather and we can make a few bob on the stall.

Photos from our records concerning the restoration of 462 EOT

Top deck being prepared




Top deck showing vinyl floor and seat frames ready to go in.

Bottom deck being prepared





Bottom deck being prepared.

462 in service at the Centenary Running Day 2012




462 in service at the Centenary Running Day 2012

Static at the Running Day 2012





Static at the Running Day 2012

Another view of 462 at the Running Day




Another view of 462 at the Running Day.

Sarah Hills with Derek and Ray


Sales Manager Sarah Hills presents Derek and Ray with souvenir inscribed silver plates in recognition of the completion of the restoration.

( photos by Les Smith)

The Dennis E project begins
This is the start of the project and you see here our “South Wales” Dennis E parts at Seb Marshall’s base at Byfleet. With the other spare engines we bought some time ago, there should be enough pieces to complete the engine rebuild. To get this far the Society and some members have financed the engine part of the project. It was essential to have an engine in good running order before we approached the Heritage Lottery Fund for a grant. No engine and a restored bus would not be going anywhere!

The background to building buses in the 20’s and 30’s was first to build a chassis then build a body using timber. The builders then put the body on the chassis and clamped it on with 6 - 8 ‘U’ bolts. This is how we propose to build our bus. The next stage after the engine will be to fully restore the Chassis on OT 8902 (We call this the “Walton” chassis, where it was found). The last stage will be to deconstruct the two Strachan & Brown bodies to make one good one, about 80% original. Finance will be entirely with the result of applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund and you can guess that our Chairman will be devoting a lot of time in the future, helped by our Treasurer Laurie.

Four Pistons

Head and Clutch Unit

The Huge Crankshaft

Activity at the barn
Comfy Coaches Interest Group have been in the barn since day 1 with this rare coach. The Company was based at Lower Bourne near Farnham and was very well known for the quality of their tours and excursions. Comfy Coaches retained their car sales business in 1962 disposing of their fleet of coaches. This coach is the only one left!
Comfy Coaches 999 PPL

Transport Trust

Transport Trust
About a year ago the Transport Trust visited the CCIG to see if a grant could be made. They hope one might be made in a year or two.

Blue Ex-Military Bus

Blue Ex-Military Bus
The blue ex-military bus under restoration

The DVLA and The Chairmans PCV Licence
You may have been following the reports of progress and some of the “RULES” that our Chairman came up against when trying to renew the PCV section of his Driving Licence. Fully licenced under section B, the car section, enabled him to drive vintage buses with up to 8 passengers. Our Insurance Company knew of the difficulty but were happy to insure him. Following a heart scan in July, the Cardiologist proclaimed his heart is in perfect condition, indeed the report said 110% perfect. The DVLA had no option but to accept this report and issue the licence. So your Chairman can now carry more than 8 passengers on either of our vintage buses.

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