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November 2014
Dennis 'E' Engine

1928 engine
These are some of the bits from our 1928 engine. We were hoping to get the engine up and running by now, but had to pull it out from the restorers as the amounts of money being demanded was out of proportion from the work being done. We have an old contact who has done a lot in the past who will be re-constructing the engine. With a possible chassis restoration we will be getting a little closer to having a ‘running chassis’ i.e. can be driven.

Increase in Subscriptions
The Trustees agreed that the subscription for 2015 onwards should be increased
to £15 a year and that this should apply from the first March 2015. For members
paying by standing order would you kindly contact your Bank and change the
amount please. If you pay by cheque, would you please make payment £15 for
the 1st March.
Change of Registered Office
GU12 4SE

Tilford 2015

Tilford 2014
It's that time again, for the Tilford annual Bus & Coach Rally to be held at the Rural Life Centre on Sunday 24th May.

The event is now getting better known and the Rural Life Centre report that the number of visitors has gone up year on year. The nice thing about the Rally is that no-one complains, but they do say what an enjoyable day they have. The Rally has become an annual event and now includes coaches and classic cars. There are stalls with transport memorabilia and this year we had an exhibition which was very popular.

The highlight for visitors was the chance to have a ride on a vintage bus/coach and this year we operated one tour every 30 minutes! Also available were rides on the steam train plus the museum was fully open. It is a great day out.

Best in Show at Stokes Bay Bus Rally

Stokes Bay Rally
Our Chairman, Ray, receives the trophy from the Mayor of Gosport at the Stokes Bay Rally in August. It was quite a nice day if what a bit breezy and we did reasonably well on the stall.

Chairman's Report to the Annual General Meeting
We have had an interesting year with but a few dramas. I am going to start with my future. Recently a Union Boss, namely Bob Crowe suddenly died after a massive heart attack at the early age of 52. I am sure that he had a lot of unfinished business to do. I am also sure that the union would have had someone to take over any unfinished business. Relating to me, I am pretty fit, still hold a full PCV Licence and recently have been driving both our buses. But, I realise that at 79 next month, anno domini is coming on at a fast pace, and as much as I wish to see our many projects to their finale, I have to be realistic. That’s why this year I have suggested you elect a deputy Chairman to take over if my future starts to fade away and this will ensure that the Society continues to save and show our transport heritage to the younger generation.

As for the Society, the big upset was the discovery that a supposedly friendly engineer had been massively overcharging us for restoring the Dennis E engine. It got to the stage where we had to pay out £9640 for a job that should only have cost £6,000 for the completed engine and we haven’t even got a completed engine. I took urgent steps when the engineer demanded more money to finish the job, possibly several thousand pounds, and withdrew the engine from his workshop and brought it to the barn. I have contacted Graham Green who is a very skilled man who has done much work for us in the past, and he is willing to finish the job off. There is also a possibility that Graham would be able to also do the Chassis and I think that we might well be able to finance this as well. If the engine and chassis are completed under our own steam, then I can go ahead and seek Heritage Lottery funding for the body. What we need for the body is a very good carpenter or two, who would be willing to spend a year on the project. I reckon that it would cost about £26,000 to cover wages and about £14,000 for timber and that is well under my original estimate. We will have to wait and see! What I can say is that Graham will not charge us the ridiculous fees asked by the engineer! I am afraid that we will never approach this particular engineer again and I will be contacting other firms who would do our work at a commercial rate.
The other main concern I have had to worry about is the lack of Gift Aid funding from the Government. This has now started to come in on a regular basis.

I must give my thanks to Derek who has taken a great interest in our buses and assists in keeping the two on the road. He is now trying to do a repaint job on 488, bit at a time, so apologies if 488 turns out with a panel in undercoat.

Thanks also to my daughter Sarah who has really got stuck into looking after the stall and producing a very useful income for the Society. Robin is very keen to do his best as Secretary, which is a complete deviation from cutting toe nails, (I couldn’t spell Chiropodist!), but he does enjoy the change. I appreciate the support from Laurie, Richard, Phil, Mary and Dave and also Brian Finch in the background. I am hoping to make some slight changes this year, subject to your approval and that is to ask Dave to take on a new position of Service and MOT Manager, and controversially to restore Derek to the position

of Transport Manager and return to the fold as a Trustee. That will be decided towards the end of the AGM. Up to today we had a full barn with a good income coming in, but the blue bus has now gone. Young Derek Kent did give 3 months notice, and was fully paid up. I have re-let the space to a group with an army lorry. I would also like to mention that we now have a permanent conductor available, Gary Baxter. His wife, Dotty, has proven to be excellent on the stall and a great help to Sarah. These two have put themselves out to ensure that the job gets done and have actually booked into a local Travelodge to ensure they are on site on time. I have asked the AGM to consider some remuneration for there hotel costs, which has not been asked for, but I feel that a suitable donation towards their costs would encourage them to continue with the task.

We also have Denis Stevens trained as a conductor and he is very willing, so where possible we have a relief member of staff. Denis has agreed to be nominated as a Trustee of the Society and as a certified electrician would be very useful in keeping our electric’s all in good working order. We have three definite drivers with Tony Banton who does Four Marks and we still have scope for another if need be. Regrettably, we have lost our other conductor to religious belief!

And finally, thank you to all our members who stick by us and pay their subs, which again helps to keep the Society viable.

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster (Chairman)

Our Chairman, Ray has some interesting news.
As mentioned earlier age is creeping on and a common problem with older people is that the eyes develop cataracts. Due to modern technology curing it is now a very common operation and thousands of people have had “the cure”.

So, Ray has had his left eye done, it takes 20 minutes and no driving for 2 weeks. Everything is OK and it is a short wait for the right eye to be done. Without going into too much detail, the lens is removed and a new artificial one put back. It is so good that the need to wear glasses is no longer required, except for reading.

Photos Roundup

Transport Trust
Two members of the Transport Trust plus two members of Comfy Coaches and our Chairman on a wet day. The result of the visit was that ADORRS got an award and £750
462 EOT
462 EOT at its launch at Farnborough 2012.
OT 8902
We have the Chassis, we have the engine, we have the radiator and we have the body, it is just that they are not all together! The bus will have a registration number of OT 8902

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