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July 2015
Dennis 'E' Project is "On The Way"
Some time ago we had a ‘quote’ to have the engine rebuilt and the chassis brought to a ‘running chassis’ for a sum of £10,000 +/- 10% which the Trustees found reasonable. However it was the start of a fiasco that had to be stopped before it got out of hand. Stopped it was and the engine recovered. So the Trustees have been looking for an alternative and surprisingly have found several alternatives. We mentioned the engine to Graham Green, who works for the famous Colin Billington, and he agreed that he could do it. In February this year we hired a van and with the help of the ‘cement statuette’ staff and their fork lift, it was all put in the van.

It was off to Fifield where Graham had a forklift and promptly unloaded the van. After a quick look around the Billington Collection we came back knowing that at last the project was on the way. The Trustees also agreed to have the engine and gearbox out of 508 and put it in 488. 488’s engine would then go off to be stripped and serviced and returned as a spare engine. Presented with the logistics of the changeover and the rest of the Dennis E parts/chassis’, your Chairman worked out a method to make this as smooth as possible.

100’s of parts need to be stripped from the A&D chassis at the back of the barn and will be used on the OT 8902 chassis (The one found inside a house in Walton-on-Thames). This involves releasing rusted nuts and bolts, cleaning them so they can be used again and carefully packed away. These nuts and bolts are about 88 years old and are Whitworth type, an old style type, not used today. Fortunately we have plenty of sockets and spanners of the Whitworth variety. The missing cross member on OT 8902 looked impossible until the Chairman noticed that the exact match was on OT 8898 and Secretary Robin removed it and it is now ready to go on OT8902!

Two springs associated with the engine mountings was recovered from an old E type engine (we have 3 spare engines), they need cleaning up but are in fantastic condition. One of the items that we should have had when the engine was rescued from the so called restorer was spark plugs. We never ever saw them, they were not with the engine, but we had been charged £120 for 4 plugs. We were refused a refund and that really set why we will never call on that restorer again. We eventually obtained a set of 4 for a mere £3.99 each so we got a spare set too.

The Chairman has been mentioning the Dennis E project to other possible restorers and we now have a quote to get the chassis (OT 8902) up and running. There are things that we need to do, 7 tyres are needed, possibly sourced from the USA, and could cost £600 each with inner tubes and flaps adding to that bill! Then we will have to get the lovely radiator recored. This could be around £1000! Later on the bus body could be done by a “coachbuilder of distinction” that we know from the Isle of Wight.

Linked to all this is the cost. We are pleased to announce that the Chairman Ray Le Mesurier -Foster and Mary have decided to ‘downsize’ and will be moving to Ash on the 14th August, and have found a buyer for their house in Esher. They have both indicated that funds will be available to get these projects off the ground. These funds will be giftaided and will thus produce additional income.

You can assist the projects and provide some funds rather than leaving it to the Chairman, and anything from £5 to £5000 would be most welcome. Donations to Laurie please.

Wheel bearings
Wheel bearings and parts recovered from old chassis
Brake arms
Brake arms to be removed and restored. Lots of cleaning!
2 wheels
2 wheels recovered. Need cleaning and restoration These wheels and other parts are about 88 years old!
Front cross member
Front cross member, missing on OT 8902, recovered from OT 8898. The black object is the radiator bearing!
Engine spring
Engine spring
It is surprising sometimes that when you put photos together something jumps out at you. Here we have an engine spring recovered from an old spare engine but is it not the same spring arrowed. The whole cross member with springs attached could be recovered. Big cleaning jobs ahead and our worst enemy is rust!
Steering box
The steering box to be recovered and restored
Part of engine mounting
Part of engine mounting off spare engine
Spare engine Spare engine
Two of our spare engines are on pallets ready for taking to Fifield where we need to get the best parts off for OT8902’s engine.

We bought these two engines some time ago for £200 for just the reason we are using them for now. Everyone will realise that it would cost a fortune to have a part made—can’t walk into Halfords and get them!!

In the first photograph on page 2 the items on the right are two wheel bearings . We have kept these because it would cost about £600 pounds to buy them, so £1200 worth of Bearings.

Dennis E Carburettor to be restored
Dennis E Carburettor to be restored

Membership Fees
Mary has been concerned that some of our members have not renewed their membership this year. It was decided by the Trustees two years ago that a reasonable fee should be £15 and this was published. Some members will get a letter reminding them that we need the money, so please keep our funds going. Send cheques to Mary at our old address.

Other Projects
There are several projects in the pipeline. As well as the Dennis E Engine, there is the Chassis OT8902, that needs a thorough clean, and we need to change the engine and gearbox on 488 and replace it with the engine and gearbox from 508. We are hoping that all these projects can be finished by 2016. Or just wishful thinking by the Trustees?

Next Outing
Sunday 19th July
Alton Bus Rally
462 and 488 are both in operation. Stall also on site raising money!

From the 14th August, the Chairman, Ray Le Mesurier-Foster and the Membership Secretary will be living in Ash, near Aldershot. The address for correspondence will be :-

Grove Road
Ash, Surrey
GU12 5BD

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Mobile 07973700389

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Hampshire House
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