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January 2016
A couple of AGM’s ago the Trustees decided that we should increase our subscriptions to £15 and this kept us nearer the ‘going rate’. Would you be so kind as to check your method of payment, i.e. if by standing order, that is the right amount, or whether by cheque. The subscription year begins on the 1st March. And it would be helpful if subs could be in as close to this date as possible.

Just a reminder, my address is Mary Le Mesurier-Foster, Membership Secretary, “Cherrytrees”, Grove Road, Ash, Surrey, GU12 5BD. Cheques should payable to ‘ADORR Society’.

Mary Le Mesurier-Foster

This is a very important annual event. The AGM appoints members as Trustees to run the Society for the next year. Trustees are there to keep any eye on spending, fundraising, deciding what events we go to and to check on people/firms that are working for us. A proper record is kept of all transaction The next AGM will be on the 10th April at Medstead Bus depot starting at 2pm. Every member is welcome to come and support the Trustees. The AGM also gives a report of the past year and plans for the next year.

Unusual Photos
Two unusual photos, the one on the left of a fire rescue truck towing a double-deck bus (518) and on the right 462 EOT at Richard Pretious wedding
AAA 508C under tow
AAA 508C under tow by a fire rescue truck. Photo Brian Aris
462 EOT at Wedding
462 EOT at Richard and Catherine’s wedding

The Society has been blessed with four attractive donations from members, Member Phil Jacob donated £1000, John Peto donated £1000 and Mary Le Mesurier-Foster £1000. After their house sale Mary and Ray were able to donate £10,000 which should see enough funds to complete the engine change for 488 and to get the chassis of the Dennis E into working order. Tyres will be a big outlay costing about £4,000. The last item on the list will be the body for the Dennis E and that could run into £10,000 to £25,000. If this can be funded locally we will not need to go to the Lottery for money. Gift Aid adds another £3250 to the donations, total = £16,250.

You can donate to funds by simply sending a cheque to The Treasurer, Laurie Powel, Hampshire House, 204 Holly Road, Aldershot, Hants, GU12 4SE

Engine Change For 488 KOT
488’s original engine has served for well over 50 years and has gradually been getting a little tired, has many oil leaks and the clutch in poor condition. With the likelihood of C508AAA not being restored, we decided to remove the engine and gearbox and after a good clean put it into 488. There was quite an effort removing both engines and you will see photos in this newsletter showing progress. Work on the engine is being done by Charlie Lemon from the Isle of Wight who also is an expert on bus and coach bodies. Derek and Ray have also contributed to the restoration. With the engine back in (maybe a couple of weeks time) the rest of the front of 488 will be replaced, the engine tested and all should be well. There will also be a difference to 488 in that the gearbox is a 5 speed replacing the 4 speed box, so MPH should go up to around 50 MPH instead of the 40 MPH before. The engine from 488 will eventually go away for complete restoration by a reputable Company and will act as a spare engine. We are also in the process of re-painting parts of the bus exterior. Maybe in the future we could look to have adverts on the outside, as it used to have in the past.
Part of the clutch workings
Part of the clutch workings, ready to go in
Getting 508’s engine out
“Little Hitler” (The tractor not the farmer!) comes to the rescue to get 508’s engine out.
488’s clutch unit and gearbox
488’s clutch unit and gearbox
508’s engine before cleaning and painting
508’s engine before cleaning and painting
508’s engine all painted with gearbox attached
508’s engine all painted with gearbox attached

The 1928 Dennis E Type Project
We have been very pleased that Graham Green has taken on the task of restoring the 1928 Dennis E type engine. There was a lot of extra work needed when Graham discovered the shoddy work of another restorer, but it is just the head gaskets to be done and the engine tested before it comes back to Milland. We have a radiator that needs re-coring, but is otherwise in good condition, and we have been getting bits off a chassis to go onto OT8902’s chassis, including the steering box and column, engine mountings and many other bits. We have allocated £5000 to have the chassis completely overhauled, cleaned and painted. The 488 engine swap has delayed progress but we should be back on the restoration soon.
Dennis E engine mounting
Dennis E engine mounting
Steering box
Steering box to be removed.
All parts will be cleaned and where needed used to build up OT8902. Brakes will be thoroughly cleaned and any asbestos removed, then relined. New panels will be made.
Gear change unit
Gear change unit. This will be stripped down, degreased, cleaned and all parts working. Finally painted silver.

Bus Outings for 2016

  • 6th and 7th February. Bus running at Alton for FEBEX model railway event. Stall
  • 12th and 13th March. Bus running at Basingstoke Model Railway event. Stall
  • 17th April. LTPT event at Brooklands. Stall but static bus.
  • 8th May. Basingstoke Festival of Transport. Stall and static bus.
  • 21st and 22nd May. Bus running Four Marks Station to Village Hall. Model Railway event.
  • 29th May. Tilford Bus and Coach Rally, buses running from Station to event and free tours.
    Other events not yet confirmed.

Society Details
We are a registered charity No 1069954. Company No 3423760.
ADORR Society also owns “Aldershot & District Traction Co Ltd”
Registered Office: Hampshire House, 204 Holy Road, Aldershot, GU12 4SE (Treasurer)
Email address: (Chairman)
Phone: 01252311414 (Chairman)
The Society lease a barn at New Barn Farm, Milland and store two buses at Medstead Bus Depot.

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