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July 2021

Dear member,
We have just realised that ADORR Society has been in existence for 25 years, so we have decided to have a celebration based at the Milland Barn. The date will be the 19th September.

The idea would be that as many members of ADORRS turns up, that members of other bus groups could attend as well, plus the public, Television etc. and even locals. Advertising would need to be started ASAP.

The Covid 19 virus has not done any of us any good, so little has been done at the barn for at least a year, the Dennis E being the victim. The next item for the bus is to have the floor laid with vinyl. Extra care is needed as the roll has to be cut to size. Precise measurements will have to be made.

The barn has had and still has a problem with white doves. They are not wild birds and should be in a dovecote. They make an awful mess and are multiplying. We are hopefully trying to do something to discourage these birds, but they have got to go.

We could not have an AGM in February due to the pandemic. We have to give notice of 6 weeks but it would be awkward to call a meeting with physical presence. This may be held using ZOOM, so this would comply with the rules. You will be notified of such a meeting.

Many of you will have known of my rush to hospital after a blood test revealed a major problem with my kidneys. I was told several months later that I was seriously ill, but thanks to the NHS, I am now fully recovered. I had another problem with a fracture in my right upper arm last April. But that is getting better all the time, so I will hopefully soon be fully operational.

Mary and myself have both been vaccinated and I think that all the Committee have also been jabbed.

Looking forward to 2022, I would like to see some activity with our buses, and personally I am hoping to get the Tilford Bus Rally up and running for the end of May.

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster

Bus as it is at the moment.

Bus as it is at the moment
Bus as it is at the moment.

The rear mudguard
The rear mudguard is curved so a “buck” is made to enable the curve to be made.
One of the windows
One of the windows, just the woodwork

A two seater seat borrowed from 488
A two seater seat borrowed from 488. The side seat can also be seen. Nothing has been fitted, just experimental.
Another seat frame
Another seat frame. The blue tray contains the engine vibrator dampener. Note the roof ventilator cleaned and painted on the floor.

Laurie Powell
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