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November 2019

Real Progress
With The Dennis E Bus

We are now into November and work on the Dennis E has progressed and the project is beginning to look like a bus! The Fuel system on the chassis has now been installed, so all we need to do is fill the tank with petrol. There is still a few things that need fixing, so we will tackle this in the next few weeks. The body, under the control of Gary Appleton, is progressing rather well as the latest photos will show. All the uprights have had to be replaced because the condition of the originals were quite poor, the floor is very sound and the roof will remain. Windows will be made by using mahogany type wood and will look very smart.

You may ask “how will we put the present body onto OT8902 chassis?” It is actually quite simple. All the “U” bolts holding the body onto the chassis have been removed, so we will put scaffold poles under the body and jack it up. We remove the chassis underneath. Then we drive OT8902 under the raised body, then lower the body. Reconnect the newly made chassis “U” bolts and then OT8902 will really look like a bus. The panels along each side were originally made of steel, and quite heavy. We will be using the panels off our donor bus (508) as they are aluminium and much lighter. The good news is that your extra money for the Dennis E project paid for the first batch of timber, so more or less every member has put something into getting the oldest Aldershot Bus back onto the road. We also rescued the battery box and have made a replica, which is now attached to OT8902.

Bus body


This photograph shows the very delicate woodwork on the rear of the bus body. With so much timber replaced the body is nice and stable.
More Photographs. You can see the original battery box. Also the brackets, fully restored, to fit the finished box on. On the right is the box in its “just made” state.

Battery box

Battery box

Vacancy for a Secretary
Our current Secretary, Dorothy Baxter, wishes to give up the position at the AGM in February.

Dorothy has been our Secretary for some time now and has done a wonderful job with keeping a record of meetings and keeping on top of notifying Trustees of future meetings. We will miss her!
So, we are looking for another Secretary, male or female, to take on the role. It mostly involves taking notes at meetings and updating the Trustees, plus arranging meetings. The vacancy is open to any member who would became a Trustee and a member of the management team.

If you would like to volunteer for the position, please contact Robin, our Chairman and if possible let someone else know you will be volunteering.

The Future at the Barn in Milland
Historically, we moved into the barn 15 years ago and had a very good relationship with the landlord and his wife. He helped us out with his tractor and many other things and a very smooth helping hand. He got involved with Mr Abromavich who bought part of the farm and had an option on the remainder. We had a Lease that stood in the way, so he has now offered all those who rent at the barn a new lease. As the new rent was nearly 3 times what we pay now, we have said no. His Solicitor has been advising him that the barn is a Commercial Property, when in fact it is not - it is a barn! So, one solution is to move out into another property. The trustees and your President have not been doing nothing, and there is a possibility of some action within the next month or two, that could solve the issue once and for all. We cannot say at the moment as to what or where this issue will be solved, just say “WATCH THIS SPACE”!

There is another solution, stay in the farm and hope that the purchaser (Mr. Abromavich) will allow us to stay indefinitely. We could then put some cash into improving the barn. Lets wait and see!

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