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November 2018

Message from your President.

Well, here we are in November with the possibility of an exciting year ahead as we contemplate the exciting restoration project just started in the barn at Milland. With the Dennis E chassis about 85% complete - yes, still some parts to be done, we have turned to the body that will eventually be on the chassis to complete the restoration.

You will all realise that the complete bus will be the oldest Aldershot & District bus in existence, the oldest Dennis E type in existence and that the body itself will be unique being one of the last built in 1928 by a firm called Strachan & Brown. For me it will be a fantastic moment to see this bus working on the road with shiny new paint and maybe having passengers on board.

Before that we have to repair (rather than restore) the wooden body and to this end we have been able to obtain the services of a top professional wood Conservationist who knows what he is doing and has all the contacts. He is fascinated in the condition of the 90 year old body and hopefully will see this project to its finality.

In the next few pages I will show photographs of progress with the restoration including the very slow approach to every little part before it is tackled. It is very important that we use as much of the original as possible. So far we have restored the steps by removing all the bolts and cleaning all the surface rust off. The bolts were too rusted to replace so new ones were used. The steps themselves are possibly oak, but need replacing as we need to be aware of there being safe. Although this is still in red oxide paint it will be painted green eventually. The door is a challenge. It is complete and in excellent condition, but what a task getting the old paint off! There are layer upon layer of paint, caravan paint on top off original green with the top in cream. We have removed the glass and this is stored in the 'office' to protect it. There is a lot of restoration work to do on the door, but the original wood is as good as the day it was used in 1928.

What’s the cost?
With my knowledge of what might be needed, all this will come at a cost. Think? All the windows need making, 10 of them, and possibly by a local carpenter. There are metal parts and glass for the windows! Some of the woodwork needs replacing, the cab has to be made, the floor to be repaired, new aluminium panels for the outside. All the electrical wiring has to be replaced. The good news is that we have an original 1928 bell and we also have a Bell Punch machine + tickets for when it is being used. We do have some idea of the cost and it runs at £26,000. We do have a reasonable Bank balance and have just had £3,000 donated and I think that maybe we can get to the cash we need in the next year. Through the ADORRS website we are in the process of introducing a 'DONATE' button that will link to our Bank, so any-one can donate anything to the project. All our members can also use this facility or can donate direct to ADORRS by sending a Cheque to:-

Laurie Powell
Hampshire House
204 Holly Road
GU12 4SE

(Cheques should be made payable to ADORRS).

I will also be trying to get more funds from other sources.

I will send out more Newsletters as soon as more progress is made.

My last important message of this newsletter is to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
November 2008

The steps up to the bus
The steps up to the bus, removed, stripped and cleaned up. The old wooden step will be replaced.
Door glass
Fellow preservationist Derek is very happy with the result of the door glass, just cleaned. This glass would have been very difficult to make in 1928 and we could see the careful way it was done
The door to the bus
The door to the bus, which was removed for restoration, looks in a sad
state. We have been working on getting the old paint off!

Laurie Powell
ADORR Society
Hampshire House
204 Holly Road
GU12 4SE
Phone 01252331973
Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
Grove Road
Ash, Surrey
GU12 5BD
Phone 01252311414

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