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June 2018

Wonderful News About The Dennis E Bus

As the President of ADORRS I am now concerned with “behind the scene” activities of the group, and this includes the highly important restoration of the Dennis E chassis and body. With the rest of the chassis to be completed, like the fuel line, speedometer and the dynamo by our engineer, the aim now is turning to the body. As you will all be aware we have a body, in fact we have two! It was my aim many years ago to try and get two of everything for the Dennis E. We have selected the best body and this is likely to be transferred from its present chassis to the restored chassis, OT8902. Our Engineer, Charlie, is working on the programme to transfer the body around the end of July. This could be quite easy if all goes right, lifting the body off the chassis, secure it and then remove the chassis. Then, very carefully driving OT8902 under the body and lowering it onto the chassis. Secure the body to the chassis using the U bolts removed from the donor chassis. Now the exciting part is that we had a Trustees meeting last Sunday (17th June) at the barn. Yes, we discussed a lot of routine matters and we noted that we were financially viable, but halfway through the meeting we had a visitor, Gary Appleton, who is an expert on old and preserved wood/timber and is currently working on HMS Victory restoring all the timber. As he lives about 1 mile from the barn and has taken a keen interest in the E project, he wants to restore the body. He indicated to the Trustees how he was going to do it, repair rather than renew so saving as much as possible of the original. Most of the timber on the body has paint on it and this will be carefully removed and using photos, drawings and markings like screw holes, saw marks on the timber etc., all being used to keep to the original bodywork.

I have also had a look at items on the body, like seat upright marks on the lino, which should be carefully noted where they are as all the seats will have to be made (all 32 of them!) With progress on the body we will have to think of windows, glass and metal parts, of electric wiring, (the original 90 years old wiring is still in place!) steps up and handrails, (we have those too) and light bulbs.

We have an original A&D bell, and very important I managed to get hold of a Bell Ticket Punch, one that could have been used in the late 1920’s - and we have the tickets! What is all this going to cost, you may ask. Initially, some years ago I put an estimate of 40 to 50 thousand pounds. I can now safely say that the timber work could cost from £12,000 to £18,000 and this could be sponsored, whilst the windows and seats is a guess at £5000 to £8,000. These figures are feasible and could mean the oldest Aldershot & District bus will be operating at events in the next couple of years. I do get some people who say I am daydreaming, but so far this is not the case, it is gradually coming together!

My pride is that members have been backing our attempt to get this bus fully restored and have been putting a bit more cash onto their membership renewal and now it is paying off, so well done all.

Most of our work is done on a Sunday, so, members, you can visit us at the Barn in Milland, see the progress, have a chat and maybe give us a hand. There is no obligation but it would be nice to see you, you could even bring a friend and show them YOUR bus project!

If you want to come to Milland, phone me on 01252311414 or 07973700389 to make sure we will be there.

Ray Le Mesurier-Foster

The next event we are going to is Aton Bus Rally on the 15th July. Looks like we will have 462 and 488 running and we will have the stall, trying to raise funds.

Photos from Tilford Bus Rally

488 KOT

Above:- 488 KOT arrives at the Rally from Farnham Station, ADBIG member Michael Cashmore has just got off (white hat!), Rally organiser Julian Bowden is far right, Conductor Gary Baxter is helping customers from the bus.

Below:- 462 EOT was static at the Rally, supporting the stall.

462 EOT

General Data Protection Regulation

Dear ADORRS Member
This is probably something that you are beginning to get tired of hearing about but, like all groups that hold information on its members, from 25 May 2018 ADORRS falls under the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.

In future you are entitled to know how your personal data is stored, who has access to it, what happens to it when your annual ADORRS Membership expires, or if you choose to no longer remain a member of ADORRS.

If you are an ADORR member we hold the information that you supplied on the Membership Application or Renewal Form in our paper and electronic records system. This information is name, address, contact numbers, emails, skills, and if appropriate whether you have allowed us to reclaim tax on your donations through the Gift Aid Scheme.

We use this information to send you this Newsletter, to contact you about meetings, events, to let you know about fund raising, trips where we are going to be taking vehicles etc., using the most appropriate of the contact methods you have provided on your Membership Application or Renewal Form. Where relevant this information is used to enable us to reclaim tax on your donations – currently 25p in every £1 you donate.

Members’ personal information is updated annually each year form the information provided by you on the Membership Renewal Form

We, as an organisation undertake to hold your information securely, to only use it for the purposes we state and not release it to parties outside of ADORRS other than when we are required to legally (e.g. HMRC for Gift Aid and our Corporation Tax purposes). We also now need to state how long we will retain information.

Our GDPR statement on the membership application forms is as follows:
“ADORRS will retain, for six years following the end of the financial year of the cessation of membership, the information provided by you on this application form. The information will be stored in paper and secure electronic format for the purposes of contacting you under the lawful basis of processing under your Membership Contract with us, in regard to membership renewals, ADORRS events and activities including trips and fund raising schemes, etc. Where relevant information may be provided to HMRC in regard to a Gift Aid claim or our Corporation Tax affairs. The information will not be provided to any other party outside of ADORRS without your express prior written permission.”

You do not need to contact us to agree to this, by being a member of ADORRS and paying a membership fee this is deemed to be agreed to as part of being a member.

All members have a right to be given details of their own personal details held on file by making a written request to the Membership Secretary.

If you have any queries on this please contact me directly.

New Barn Farm and The Police Raid
For some time now we have been wondering whether we might be able to purchase the barn we are currently leasing as the farmer has retired and he wants to sell the remains of the farm. Included are two houses just down the Bridleway. The Farmer has given an option to a Mrs Abramovitch to buy the remains, subject to vacant possession and this is where there are problems - to the farmer! We hold a Lease to the barn and we are not going to vacate. Does that mean that there is a “no sale”? Eventually the option will run out then we think that the farmer will then sell the rest of his farm in parts. That would give us an opportunity to buy BOTH of the barns where we are, freehold. Raising the money seems to be not a problem and that would allow us to get more preserved vehicles under cover, with the rent helping to clear the debt.

Very ambitious is the possibility for part of the second barn being made into an Aldershot & District Museum, maybe with Heritage Lottery funding!

The Police raid? One of the houses was rented out to someone who was into farming in a big way. His farming was cut short when a police raid found a cannabis farm. We understand that one person was arrested.

Membership Renewal 2019

Next year everyone will get a renewal notice by post or email so that everyone will know the correct date.

As you saw above we have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations so a new paragraph will be inserted and this means that all members will get a renewal notice.
We greatly appreciate members who have renewed this year and have added a little extra to boost our funds.

By the way, you may wish to see what the AGM results were. You can go to the website shown below and click on “newsletters”, in fact 13 newsletters from previous years can be seen. So we should mention that 95,000 hits were made on our webpage in the last 12 months. Not bad!

Laurie Powell
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Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
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