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April 2017

Major Breakthrough
Dennis 'E' Engine Fires Up

The culmination of years of waiting to get the Dennis E into a state of working came on Wednesday the 12th April this year. As you are aware, we have been working on the chassis of OT8902, the bus that was rescued from inside a house in Walton-on-Thames. Our engineer Charlie Lemon has been working on the chassis for some time now.

Over the past couple of years we have had to get our engine from a bad start with a restorer and get it to Graham Green in Fyfield who is a brilliant restorer. We had to move most of our store engines to Graham, so that the best could be used to rebuild the engine we were using. We will say at this point that the engine we are using is from the Welsh Dennis EV, now scrapped. We got two pages of items that had to be put right by Graham. We finally got back the last two stock engines on Wednesday 12th April and whilst being driven back home the President got a phone call - the engine started!. So technically the bus could have been driven out of the barn at this point, 81 years after it was put to bed in 1936. With the engine running with a mish-mash of bits of other engines, the good news did not stop there! On Thursday the President received a phone call from Paul Cheesman to say that the exhaust was ready and you can see below a couple of photos of parts. The photo on the right shows the brackets to fix the exhaust to the chassis and the two end plates of the ‘box’. We asked for the two plates to be incorporated in the new box as it has “DENNIS GUILDFORD” on them, a real treasure and possibly very rare. The photo on the left shows the ‘box’ and the whole exhaust is made of stainless steel. Farther down we describe all the items we have repaired, painted, made, had done etc , to get to where we are today.

The silencer before assembly

Brackets to hold exhaust onto chassis
Help Us To Keep This Project Going. Due to large donations by members we have been able to pay our bills to get to where we are today.

What We Saved And What We Spent

The chassis as a whole was in excellent condition and all that was required was a scrape and paint. We used proper black chassis paint. About £20 a tin.

The springs were in excellent condition and have been left in place.

All the brake shoes had asbestos linings so all had to go away to be redone with modern brake linings . Cost about £600.

The clutch needed relining at a cost of £350. The clutch is the white section in the photo below, also known as a cone clutch.

The exhaust was almost complete but very rusty and unlikely to survive, so we had a new exhaust made from stainless steel, but keeping the original ends of the silencer. Cost £1050.

We had to buy tyres, inner tubes and flaps at a cost of £4,500.

We had our original steering wheel sent away for refurbishment and a wonderful job was done. We paid around £400.

The wheels we carefully selected and had them collected for shot-blasting. £600.

The front cowling had to be made new and cost £1200. The front wings are being made.

The radiator is a bit of a problem as the aluminium it is made with has deteriated after 88 years. The cost of new tubes is over £4500, so to keep costs down the radiator will be made to look exactly like the correct Dennis 1928 original but will have new innards built in. Total cost expected to be £4500.

The gearbox is in excellent condition and working OK. The rare Rolls Royce brake retarder clutch on the side of the gearbox has had the clutch plate renewed. (asbestos again!)
The gear lever and brake lever are all in working order.

It has cost a lot of cash to get to this stage and most of the £14,000 donated to the project has now gone, BUT we will have the oldest A&D bus, partly restored! The body will be another challenge, expected to cost around £25,000.

End plate of the exhaust

Clone clutch
This is the end plate of the exhaust and you can see quite clearly the “DENNIS GUILDFORD”.

This is the clone clutch, the
white part being the clutch it-self.

The engine in situ

Side view of the engine

The engine in situ

Side view of the engine

Annual General Meeting

The annual General Meeting was held on the 26th March at Medstead Depot.
Reports were received of the past year’s work and progress on projects.

Trustees were elected for the next year as listed below
President: Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
Chairman: Robin Montgomery
Secretary: Dorothy Baxter
Treasurer: Laurie Powell
Membership Secretary: Mary Le Mesurier-Foster
Transport Manager: Derek Dollery
Sales Manager: Sarah Hills
Trustee: David Ratcliffe
Trustee: Richard Pretious
Trustee and safety official: Gary Baxter
Newly elected Trustee and Engineer: Charlie Lemon
Representing ADBIG: John Kennard

Tilford Rally on the 28th May

Vintage Mobile Cinema

Vintage Mobile Cinema

Coming to Tilford Rally on the 28th May is this unique Vintage Mobile Cinema.
It will be showing vintage Pathé trans-port films in about 20 minute sessions. There will be a small charge of £5 per person for a session. Seats 22 persons.

A Message From The Membership secretary

I have noticed that several members have not yet renewed their membership. With the list of payments we have made (See above) it is essential that we get everyone to contribute the £15 fee. One other thing, a few members have not changed their standing order to £15, so we get £10 or £12. It costs money to post a renewal letter.

I am pleased to welcome five new members this year and I hope to see more members in the future
Many thanks

We Need Donation!

From The President.
Many of our members have made a donation with their membership renewal and others, including Mary and myself have made substantial donations to get the Dennis E project off the ground. This bus, of which the chassis is being restored first, is the earliest Aldershot & District bus in existence and we members of ADORR Society should be proud of this fact. There is still a long way to go as the bus body has to be made, using the two we have, to make one good one.

We have also been very lucky to have Gift Aid as this has boosted the funds available for the project.

So, the question is “Can You Help? Some examples:-

  • £10 with gift aid = £12.50
  • £100 with gift aid = £125
  • £1000 with gift aid = £1250

So far 4 members have donated a £1000 or more
Mary and myself are determined to keep the project alive, but we haven’t got a bottomless pit of cash.

Please help me to keep things going. As for the body, I am thinking of going to the Heritage Lottery Fund, as the anticipated cost could be £25,000 plus. Send any cheques to Laurie at the address below.

Thank You Very Much

Laurie Powell
ADORR Society
Hampshire House
204 Holly Road
GU12 4SE
Phone 01252331973
Ray Le Mesurier-Foster
Grove Road
Ash, Surrey
GU12 5BD
Phone 01252311414

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