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December 2016

Merry Christmas

The Dennis 'E' Chassis is Taking Shape

The President of ADORRS has a practice at being behind the wheel

The President of ADORRS has a practice at being behind the wheel of
the Dennis E. Pity the rest of the chassis was not attched! This is an original Dennis E steering wheel that needed restoration. As we haven’t the facilities (or skills) to do this, we sent it away to Manston
Industrial Estate in Kent to be done professionally. What a good job they did! The cost was £396. We are at the stage now of having to buy in the skills for essential items for our restoration project.

Chassis Frame This has been cleaned and painted and is in excellent condition.

Road Springs Although these springs are 88 years old, they have been enclosed in the house at Walton and have not been exposed to weathering. We have decided that we need to do nothing, just leave them on the bus.

Brakes and associated rods. All the brake shoes have been relined after the old asbestos was removed. The shoes have been refitted to the bus and the whole system is working OK. Even the handbrake is fully working.

Gearbox The old congealed oil has been removed and all is in good condition. The very unusual Rolls Royce brake retarder system on the side of the gearbox has been removed and the ’clutch’ unit inside sent off for a new lining (asbestos problem again!).

Prop-shaft and differential These items are in excellent condition although we need to change the oil in the differential. The half-shafts are perfect.

Bonnet and cab items Charlie from the IOW has made a bonnet using the old one from an EV chassis. Two panels from another old chassis have been bolted to the cab area. A front panel in poor condition has gone to a Company in Medstead (opposite MDOG Depot) who have quoted about £400 to make a new one. They will also do the nearside and offside wings. In all a possible £800 outlay. One Company quoted us £6000 for the same job! Previously, the then Chairman (Ray) with a team obtained as many spares as possible and this has paid off, as we have nearly two sets of everything. We put the best item on the Chassis and keep the other one as a spare!

Wheels and Tyres We selected 6 wheels for shot blasting and a firm in Bognor Regis collected them. They came back a week ago and they are now ready (Almost!) to have their tyres put on. We had to go to North Hants Tyres as they are special tyres only available from the USA. It cost us £4500, but we had to have them. They will soon be on the chassis!

The Engine This has been at fyfield where Graham Green has been working on the engine. We have been told that it will be ready to come back at the end of December. To have an original engine is a bonus.

Radiator We have an original Aldershot & District radiator and cleaned up and tested, this should be fine for our chassis.

The Dennis Loline III's
488 has been at Milland Barn for some time now with many improvements having been made. The big job was swopping the engine from 508. As you see from the photographs the engine was cleaned up and spray painted for protection. Since then Derek has painted the upper half of the bus, ready for adverts - yes! Buses had adverts! A small leak in the sump resulted in removal and repair and after cleaning, replaced.. Other small repairs were done and a new temperature gauge fitted.

The very latest project was to replace the floor covering in the front half of the lower deck centre isle. The original covering would have been mottled green (most of the flooring has this type) but we had lots of vinyl left over from 462’s mottled blue floor, so we have used this. You will notice the difference when you next step on the bus, but it does look much better. All the beading has been replaced making it look nicer too.

Next, we will move 488 back to Medstead and bring 462 to Milland for some minor repairs.
488 KOT should be operating on our first bus job at Alton Model Railway event in February.

488 with new engine

Repainted engine in 488

More Dennis 'E' photos

The scuttle
The scuttle has been sent away for a new one to be made.
This should be back in January!
The engine prior rebuild
The engine prior to being sent to Fyfield for restoration/rebuild
4 of the tyres
4 of the tyres in the back of the Presidents car. 2 more were actually fitted in and
transported to Milland with boxes of flaps and inner tubes.
The radiator
The radiator was donated to us and is an original Aldershot & District one.
Note the road springs in bottom right had corner.

Membership Renewal
We are trying hard to keep our membership as this does provide us with a little more income to keep the Society on the go. Thanks to generous donations amounting to £14,000 towards the Dennis E Project, we have managed to get the chassis to its present state. As a Charity these massive donations also attracted £3.500 in gift aid.

Would you please renew your membership for the 1st March 2017, £15 or if you pay by standing order, can you check that it is still £15.

You can pay in several ways, by standing order, by cheque or by fast payment. The fast payment and standing order account is: 40-52-40 00015779. Cheques to Membership Secretary, ADORR Society, “Cherrytrees”, Grove Road, Ash, Surrey, GU12 5BD

Can You Help Keep Our Dennis 'E' Project Going?
We have paid out so far
  • £4500 for tyres
  • £400 for steering wheel refurbishment
  • £400 for wheels shot blasting
  • £600 for brake shoes/clutch relining
  • £3900 for employing an expert mechanic
  • £200 for oil and paint
Future payments = About £800 panel & wings.
The body may be a subject for the Heritage Lottery Fund.
We would like a little more money so if you can help send a cheque to Laurie Powell, Treasurer, ADORR Society, Hampshire House, 204 Holly Road, Aldershot GU12 4SE.

The longest bus
Just for amusement the worlds
longest bus and
we are NOT going to restore it!!

Santa's Team

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