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January 2010

A Real Dream Come True!

Illuminated advertising

I make no apologies for this article or the photograph. Way back in 1998, Mary and I saw an advert for this bus and went and had a look at it. Some hard bargaining ensured that we bought the bus, later to come into Trust with ADORRS. When I first saw the bus (462 EOT), I there and then decided that above all, this illuminated advertising panel would be fully restored and working.

Nearly 12 years later, just before Christmas 2009, we made it!

Thanks to Derek who worked on getting the painting finished, that in itself a fantastic job, it was just a matter of fitting the panel. The panel itself came as three sections of Perspex cut to size and went to Ray Warren at Chawton to have the sign put on. It then came back to us a "ready to fit sign.

Putting the 42 of rubber up was a real challenge but we got there in only one day! The sign was then cleaned and polished and ready to go. I hope you like it!

Ray Le Mesurier -Foster Chairman

Two of the three air tanks


Two of the three air tanks, removed to be checked and painted. Two of the tanks needed welding and were done professionally ! Ready here for fitting to the underside of the bus.

Original adverts addedMore steady progress with 462 EOT. The front upper section has been painted and now the original adverts added. We know that 462 had this advert as we have a photograph of it! Notice too that the destination blinds are in and working. Gradually we are seeing the bus looking like it did in 1962 when it was new.
The drivers nearside window
The double window has been removed complete in its frame. Ray has stripped this down, repaired a split (old) and it has been cleaned. New felt will be added to the grooves to aid sliding of one window. Looks good!

The rear end of 462

The rear end of 462 is looking good. The rear window is in as is the number plate and stop sign. The lights and reflectors, indicators and even the gold "462? service number is in place.

From Mods to Madness
Having been born in Hindhead in the late 1940's at Royal Parade, one was introduced at a very early age to the joys of travelling on various Aldershot & District buses for a penny or two. Having a bus depot just around the corner gave one a good idea of what it was all about, clean and tidy buses with conductor in charge transported you to many a destination. Round the other corner was the famous Royal Huts Hotel with a large Buffet and parking area which attracted hundreds of buses and coaches in its day, and where I worked for several years from the age of 13.

You don't always know how lucky you may have been but when one looks back over those years with a good memory, the sights and sounds of those early passenger vehicles certainly stands out in my mind. Even before I started working at the Buffet I would spend many hours at the Hindhead crossroads sitting on the famous wall by the three A&D bus stops watching A&D buses coming and going and many coaches pausing for refreshment at the buffet. I guess I stopped using the buses in my late teens when I purchased a Lambretta S.X. 200 Special and became a "MOD?, hence the title of my article!

Being able to travel around more I came across different types of buses and coaches in many other areas which was of great interest to me. A couple of years later, still working at the Royal Huts Hotel, one of our regular customers who dined most Saturday nights with his clan, was Sid Jefferys who owned Grayshott Coaches and later Liss & District Omnibus Company.

Talking to him one day I was pleading poverty, he offered me some part time work, which I was very grateful for. One job was an early start on Sunday mornings going with on e of his drivers in an old Trojan Minibus to Haslemere Station to meet the 5-10 steam paper train from London laden with heavy bundles of newspapers to be delivered to various newsagents in the district. Also in the afternoons, weekdays, I rode "shotgun on one of the Bristol double deckers on schools, plus more work cleaning the buses and coaches, little did I know where all this was going!

On passing my car driving test, I was able to drive the minibuses. Looking for a vehicle myself, Sid helped me out by selling me his Austin J2 minibus which he had finished with, for the large sum of £10, I was over the moon, able to do many trips on my own and earn a few extra pounds.

When I was 21 Sid said to me "It's about time you took your PSV test so as to drive the coaches". "Bloody Hell" I thought "those big things"! Well I must be mad, took my test, and passed. Next day I was heading up the A3 destined for London in an ex-Glenton Tours Dennis Lancet coach UYW 68 laden with 41 noisy French Students, still thinking I must be mad, but in a way proud of the achievement. A full time driving the coaches was offered which I did for many years. I also enjoyed working under the vehicles, you learnt a lot.

So the real madness kicked in nearly 40 years later when I got involved with ADORRS playing about with and driving vintage Aldershot & District buses. I'll give you an insight what that's all about in the next newsletter.

Getting the front window in



This is me trying to get the
front window in.
Derek Dollery. Transport Manager

Dennis 'E' Engines Found
The Society have been really lucky. In Staffordshire there were two Dennis E. engines, one in working order, one that could be combined with a part one we have to make a good one. The chances of ever finding a Dennis E. engine has always been pretty remote, so finding two is amazing!

As we have three Dennis E's that could be put on the road after restoration, then the three engines we now have will be ideal. The main task now is to secure the funding for the restoration project and we do have a possible source in London.

We have an engineer standing by to start the project - two stages - chassis then body.

Dennis E. engine
This engine is in working order
Dennis E. engine
Combining this engine with another one we have will make one good engine.

Remarkable Photograph of OT 8902

OT 8902In 1937 a gentleman who took photographs of trains and stations, by chance came across this view across the River Thames at Walton-on-Thames.
It is a remarkable photograph because that was the ONLY photo he took of a bus! By chance an enthusiast found this photo and passed it on to the Society.

It clearly shows OT 8902 before it was encased in a building.

As you will know this bus is in the possession of the Society.

Annual General Meeting 2010
Its coming round again to that time of the year to consider the future of the Society. The Trustees always say this, even though the future is assured. Your Society is run by an elected number of Trustees and every one of them has to be reelected at the AGM, every year, from the Chairman down to the Committee member. In a way it is your duty to protect the Society and the funds by going to the AGM and voting for your representatives. You can also bring up any matters you think should be discussed. And why not become a Trustee yourself?

The AGM this year will be held at Medstead Bus Depot on the 28th March, starting at 2pm.
If you have any matter to bring up or wish to be considered as a Trustee, then please write to me,

Robin Montgomery, Hon. Secretary
Flat 43
94 Molesey Road
Surrey, KT12 4RE

At The Barn
The severe weather conditions at the moment has brought a complete halt to any activity at the Milland Barn. There have been some changes, the RFW 06 single decker has gone to Cobham but we are getting a replacement bus in. The Routemaster of Geoff Rixon has also gone and an Isle Of Man Titan is coming in. It is proposed to have a little juggle around with bus positions soon. The Ladies and Gents toilets are working well, (Built by Derek!) and the water and electrics are all OK.

We do have some bottled gas heating and believe us at times we need it!
If you have never been to the barn, then please do come and have a look (and a "cuppa). Call the Chairman 02083984624 for times.

Membership Secretary
Message from Mary Le Mesurier-Foster, Membership Secretary
The AGM is a month later this year so is after the normal renewal date for members.
Would you be kind enough to send me your renewal of £10 (It hasn.t gone up!)to me at:
Mary Le Mesurier-Foster
Membership Secretary
22 Lower Green Road
KT10 8HD
Phone for The Chairman or myself: 02083984624

Our very own website
We now have our own website. There is something on it and we have a mem-bers chat page. We will be giving updates as to progress on each project and photographs.
Have a look at: Our sister site

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