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25th March 2018

Minutes of AGM held on 25th March 2018 at Four Marks Village Hall at 2PM.

Present: Ray and Mary Le Mesurier-Foster, Sarah Hills, Robin Montgomery, Laurie Powell, Derek Dollery, Gary and Dotty Baxter, David Ratcliffe, Richard Pretious, Charlie Lemon and Brian Aris.

1) Apologies for Absence: John Kennard, Ryan and Andy Lamb.

2) Reading of Minutes: Proposed David Ratcliffe, 2nd Richard Pretious.

3) Matters Arising: None.

4) Chairman’s Report: As the years roll by, but the buses remain the same. Thanks to the efforts of a few namely Ray, Derek, David, Michael, Myself and Charlie for doing our bit. Charlie with restoration of the Dennis E, which Ray will I am sure give us updates. Sarah and Dotty yet again must be thanked for their sterling efforts with the stall. Dotty as well for being our Hon. Secretary. Gary for safety and conducting on our rally days. Finally, Mary and Richard for their continued commitments to the society. Now have I missed anyone out? Of course, Laurie who retired last year from work but still does all our finance work as well as representing us on other committees. I finish by saying thank you to all the trustees and hope you will be with me for another fun packed happy year.

5) Secretary’s Report: Nothing to report.

6) Treasurer’s Report: I have handed out a report dated the year ended 31st December 2017. The income for the year is £31883.86 compared to £21424.61 the previous year. The expenditure £27758.44 compared to £30030.75 the previous year. This meant we had a surplus of £4125.42 compared to last years £8606.14. The reason for the increase in the income is that I claimed several years’ worth of gift aid which came in at early 2017 totalling £5005.39. This leaves the 2017 claim to be made which is £2068 and the 2014 claim which is approximately £1400. The other increase in income was donations towards the Dennis E and we managed to sell two rolls of our moquette which we got £1320. The expenditure is down from the previous year mainly due to the reduction of repairs to vehicles in the year. As of the end of December the bank balances stood at £11670.09.

7) President’s Report: I am starting my report after hearing of the disturbing news about MDOG and a special general meeting to be held soon. The situation with ADORRS goes back to the start of MDOG when Mary and I brought three spaces or rather we loaned the money to MDOG and this entitled us to have three spaces in the new depot. Brian Finch paid for one of the loans and dedicated his space to 488KOT. Mary and I dedicated out two spaces to 462EOT and AAA 508C. To ensure that ADORRS owned the loans we arranged several payments from ADORRS and eventually the two spaces/loans under our name were fully owned by ADORRS. Eventually we were able to retain one bus at Milland, so one loan was recalled leaving ADORRS with one space/loan. Brian’s space/loan is still owned by him and he makes a payment once a year as a donation. It has come to my attention that the MDOG committee want to introduce a mandatory 6 days a year working on the depot. As ADORRS is an entity it cannot be forced to work 6 days a year and as no person is involved with the space/loan then that suggestion is dead as regards to our charity. I cannot see how the committee can force Brain to attend six days a year to work because for his health condition and lack of car transport. Brian is the same age as me 82 and even I find it difficult to keep going at that age. I used to represent ADORRS on the MDOG committee until I gave up due to other committee members taking liberties and eventually I persuaded Robin to represent ADORRS. We do have Laurie on the committee and can speak for us, other then that if MDOG committee want any information concerning ADORRS they can contact me, but in the dying hours of the end of this week the MDOG chairman has confirmed that Robin only represents ADORRS and the two space holders are Brain Finch and Laurie Powell. Laurie covers all ADORRS working days by being treasurer of MDOG. This is interesting by the fact the originator of the suggestion of working days is the MDOG chairman who will have to work 36 days a year.

When one looks at who would be able to perform working days I can think of a lot of absentees which includes Brian Finch, Tim Stubbs and Derek Priddle, add on Glen Turner x5, Malcolm x2, ADORRS x1, Phil x1, Southampton x4, Peter x1 and Provincial bus x1 gives you 18 space holders. Can we get our own members to come to Milland and spend a day helping a few of us getting the buses on the road, let alone trying to get volunteers to go to Medstead 6 times a year? As regards to the last year it has been interesting and much has been done to the Dennis E and I am pleased to say that this unique and rare bus is on the way be it only the chassis at this stage. Thanks to Charlie and Derek many small but essential items have been attended to. We have an enthusiast who would like to restore the body of OT8592 and as such is a carpenter currently working on the wood restoration of HMS Victory. I continue to do small parts, like light switches on the E and many other things. We have no news on the situation with the barn, we have heard nothing from David King and we now will be applying to him to renew the lease for a further 5 years from 1st June 2019, (I have heard just yesterday that David King has not been to the farm since before Xmas and that it is thought that the option for Mrs Abramovich runs out in two years’ time). We would still like to buy the two barns freehold which would secure the property for perpetuity and maybe convert part of the property to an A&D museum. I have suggested that a letter is sent to Mr King early June this year so that we will know the future.

If our request is turned down, then we may have to resort to the law to get a renewal but hopefully this won’t be necessary. Derek Priddle has given up one of his spaces at the barn and I have been able to re-let the space. The taker Paul Allen and the space will be occupied with a preserved fire engine owned by Paul Allen. I also yesterday had a long chat with Gary Appleton about restoring the woodwork on one of the bus bodies and he says that he has checked the availability of ash timber and all we need is available. Gary now has access to the barn and will be doing a survey as to our timber requirements. I have no idea the expected cost of timber as ash is a hardwood and scarce. I would like to personally thank all the trustees for a year of support and occasionally some hard work to keep the society going.

8) Membership Secretary’s Report: The year 2017/18 we collected £632 in renewal fees but as Mike Stevens paid £95 in advance technology it is £537, with donations the total was £794. 1 member re-joined so for that year the total paying members were 36, total hon members 5 and the total not renewed is 3 which gives you 42 members in total. For the year 2018/19 so far, we have collected £330 in renewals plus donations of £90 giving you a total of £420. This doesn’t include those that have paid today. Robin brought up about maybe there should be a membership fee increase. Ray mentioned that he would rather the membership fee stay the same at £15 then to be increased and lose out on donations and/or lose members. David proposed and Sarah 2nd that the membership fee should stay the same. David proposed that the AGM to be moved back to February Gary 2nd, so membership will start from 1st April instead of 1st March.

9) Transport Manager’s Report: 462: No activity on the vehicle since last meeting. A request has been made to use 462 for the trip to Brooklands in April. 488: So far this year the vehicle has been used for the Alton and Basingstoke model railway 2-day weekend shuttles. One jubilee clip has had to be fitted to the generator shaft to maintain charging. The speedo has once again faltered owing to the cold and damp weather. A water leek has been located on the front n/s stud on the engine head, various ways to fix this problem have not yet been decided.

10) Sale’s Manager’s Report: I have passed out a stock list from 2017. We have done two events which we sold a few items off the list. With the first two events including stall donations we have taken £582.40. People have been saying about stock left on the bus at events all I can say is when we do the indoor events most of the stock has to stay on the bus due to lack of space at the events. Complaints of stock being in the disabled area on 488 the only solution I can propose is that we remove the disabled sticker so 488 is no longer a disabled bus, Charlie seconded, and the committee have agreed. Any buggies that wish to board our bus must be folded and put on the back seat of the bus. People must remember we are a vintage bus and not a modern bus where you can walk on with buggies. I am not buying any new stock as I am trying to sell what we have, to see if it is worth doing the stall next year. I will see at the end of this year.

11) Programme for 2018 Events: Ray will produce a list of events and send it out to everyone.

12) Elections:

  • A) Election of Chairman 1 nomination Robin Montgomery, Ray took the chair and asked if there was anyone else standing for this post. Who will propose candidate and who will second this candidate. 1st Gary Baxter 2nd Mary Le Mesurier-Foster. Voting was unanimous, so Robin was re-elected as Chairman.

  • B) Election of the rest of the officers of the society all are standing again. A block vote was used to elect all back in posts for another year. 1st Brian Aris 2nd Robin Montgomery.
  • 13) Any Other Business: Gary has reported that there is no health and safety problems so far this year. Mary mentioned that we agreed that there won’t be a membership fee increase. Ray: I have had two phone calls last week from Mark Hack regarding the Loline engine we have got at the back of the barn. We would love to have it refurbished which would cost £10000-£12000. Mark has said that he wants to get 506’s engine out and he wants it refurbished but what he is suggesting is that he gives us money and he collects the engine and that will go away to be refurbished and it will then be used to put in 506. 506’s engine will then come out and go to be refurbished and it will then be a spare engine. I can’t see us refurbishing it. He has found someone near Winchester and has said he will give us £1000 and take it away. As a committee we gave decided to keep the engine. Laurie: The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) I am now working on our privacy status and data protection policy. The main thing is we got very little as a society that we need amend.

    The only thing you won’t be able to do is email the membership lists unless they are in an encrypted email due to them containing personal data. If that gets too complicated, you will have to go back to posting it. As you know I attend the NARTM meetings and the main things that came up has been the MOT exemption which has already been discussed and the NARTM free bus service guidance has been updated which I emailed you all this morning. It now includes a daily vehicle inspection so before you take it out and are doing a free bus service you will now have to do a checklist. The only slight complication that came up with the MOT exemption is due to DVLA procedures but fortunately our two Lolines won’t be affected.

    14) Next AGM Date: The next AGM will be held on 25th February 2019.

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